Two magic ways to join the RMCProfile community for discussion

  • [Recommended] GitHub Issues.

    • Go to COMMUNITY -> ON GITHUB in the top-right corner of the page.

    • Quickly access community discussion,

      • Once opening the ON GITHUB link, bookmark it.

      • The GitHub issues are associated with a GitHub repository. Therefore, Star the repository will give you quick access to our GitHub issues through your Starred repository.

      • Access to the community through this RMCProfile website is not a bad option.

    • More information to be presented below.

  • Mailing list.

    • Go to COMMUNITY -> MAILING LIST in the top-right corner of the page.

Brief covering for the recommended way of joining the community discussion, using GitHub issues

  • You need a GitHub account.

    > Click Me to get it if you are not already having one.

  • Though it is fairly straightforward to use, a demo for how-to is still worth it, as given below.

    Demo for using GitHub issues

  • A few more links introducing GitHub issues to check out.