On Windows, we have software like AutoHotkey with which we can define keyboard shortcut for running various actions in a convenient way. With AutoHotkey, we can also define mouse gestures to execute actions quickly. Here in Ref. [1] is provided a zip file containing the AutoHotkey files for some useful shortcuts and mouse gestures on Windows.

With AutoHotkey, one weird observation is that sometimes, if we define shortcuts involving the Ctrl key, the simulated or physically press of Ctrl key will not be released. I am still not finding the solution to this issue, so in the version of AutoHotkey file provided above, I am not including any definition of shortcuts involving the Ctrl key.

On Mac, though, there is not such a single-shot solution to define mouse gestures in a convenient manner, at least I am not seeing any products on the market for such a purpose. However, there are some software, which, when put together, can realize somewhat what we need. The Mac Mouse Fix software [2] provides some tweaking capability for several of the alternative mouse buttons, including the middle button and some other available buttons on some mouse. The functionality is a bit limited but it can definitely make the use of normal mouse other than the Mac magic mouse more convenient and productive. Another useful software coming into the loop is called MacGesture [3], with which we can define some basic mouse operations, though, still limited, to realize some commonly executed actions, such as closing browser tab, moving forward and backward, scroll to the bottom and top of the page, etc. The combination of the two software mentioned here does make the using of normal mouse on Mac more convenient.


[1] https://yr.iris-home.net/mousegestureautohotkey

[2] https://macmousefix.com/

[3] https://github.com/MacGesture/MacGesture